Play with sound. Click on screen to start controlling the game

Warning: Bright colors on screen with occasional flashing. If you are prone to seizures, please avoid playing this game until I release a version that is safer.

In the HTML version the pixel only takes up part of the screen for some reason

Objective: shoot down stationary and moving enemies and make it to the goal, all while only one color is one screen at once.

Pixel changes color to give information, and 3d sound effects let you know where things are

- Screen fades to red as you get closer to enemies

- Screen gets closer to blue as you get closer to the goal

- Screen adds full green when aiming at an enemy

WASD keys and Mouse to control. Click to shoot

Colorblind mode available (may not be working): press Q to change mode (Tritanopia not working. You may have to change the mode every time the level loads)

Warning: This game is challenging, so pay CLOSE ATTENTION. If you have any problems getting through a puzzle, please comment so I can try my best to give you a hint

Mac OS X version untested

Hint: You stop walking when you hit a wall, and the walking sound stops too, so you can use this to find your way


Close Attention Windows Version 24 MB
Close Attention Mac Version 24 MB


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the colors are too bright. consider using Color.HSVtoRGB() to tune down the saturation (that is the red-white axis), and ever so slightly reduce the overall value (reduce the maximum value for the block-white axis)

also please add seizure warning, for some people out there

Oh, thank you. I wasn't sure if the colors would be too intense and if any flashing would trigger seizures, but I'll make not of that. I can't change anything during the jam, but I can for sure add a seizure warning.

Quick tip for players who feel stuck right off the bat: the screen will start off as black during a level, so you have to move to have the blue fade in